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What is the MeGe program?

Enerion Group has developed an agile and friendly model that will allow all members of the organization to get involved in the goal of winning the energy challenge. For this purpose, the MeGe Program is based on four Platforms, namely:

Knowledge platform
Measurement and verification platform
Project platform
Sustainability platform

Consumption monitoring of energy

Control over the energy bill

Supervision of the power quality

Maximization of energy savings

How does it work?

The program is based on the ISO 50001 standard: Plan - Do - Review - Act (Plan-Do-Check-Act) for the continuous improvement of energy efficiency.

Why is it important?

You can make a difference for the organization in the short term with an unbeatable return on investment, while supporting the future projection of the Company by providing a solid energy base.

What will be done?

Develop a policy for a more efficient use of energy. Set goals and objectives to comply with the policy. Use data to better understand and make appropriate decisions about energy use and consumption. Measure results.

Who can benefit?

Any organization, regardless of its current level of control over energy use, can implement the MeGe Program to establish a baseline and then improve it at a pace adjusted to its context and capabilities.

Buildings made to measure

Energy efficiency projects are developed as making a tailor-made suit hand in hand with the client, in such a way that the implementation and integration of equipment and programs that make up the automation platform is executed optimally to guarantee energy performance results, true, reliable and sustainable over time. Commitment to the environment is a fundamental premise that is linked to financial results.

Maintenance and Sustainability speaking the same language

Once any energy efficiency project is executed, the operation and maintenance in charge of the building administration begins to play a preponderant role; It is for this reason that we have developed the MeGe Program that provides training and knowledge to technical and managerial personnel, so that with the support of the real-time measurement and verification platform of key performance indicators, the appropriate decisions can be made to guarantee a sustainable process of continuous improvement of engineering systems and energy performance.

The 4 pillars that sustain energy efficiency

Knowledge platform

Measurement and verification platform

Project platform

Sustainability platform

Executed projects

Solutions - Innovation - Sustainability

Strategic Planning
Data analysis
Renewable energy
Energy Diagnosis
Savings projects


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